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"Go beyond your limits"

The 2008 Field Gun Crew and the Support Team


Cuong Huynh - Field Gun Officer. Thought he had been found out over his cross dressing lady boy days when saw the "Drag Number" position was up for grabs. Kevin McAllister - Number One. A shy retiring chap quietly spoken. Enjoys stamp collecting and playing with soldiers.
Neil Bennett - Pin Number. Our very own silver tongued - sun-tanned fox. Lives in a place where the sun shines 24/7 and DOES NOT own a sunbed. Honest. Crispin Humm - Slat Number. Can be seen hanging from the slat every time his partner puts it in the air. Currently trying to claim his wings due to the amount of time in the air
Graham Chigwell - Slat Number. Part two of the umbilical ginger twins - has to strap his wrists on account of them being a bit limp Has been known to surf on the slat whenever he gets the chance. lan Gould - Limber Wheel. A man who suffers from Alzeimhers! The crew spend their time making sure he leaves with all he came with, as well as reminding him where the track is and what time he needs to be there, so he can visit the little boys room first! Still believes his is the quickest wheel on!
Winston Cox - Firing Number. This guy has a problem - not only does he fire blanks, but tends to shoot off quickly. Piet Fokinther - Pin Number. One of our lynchpins - if we drop a pin he gets inserted in its place. Likes to go truffle hunting when on the track. Needs to spell his name properly.
Adam Taylor - Back of the Box. A shy, quiet, large-headed chap who collects pressed flowers from all over Somerset and enjoys both kinds of music - Country AND Western. . Ian Davies - Drags/Driver. Another member of the badger family although his origins are in China. Has a tendency to fake an injury when he gets tired.
John Curtis - Trail Number. A small chap who can only do impressions of Linford Christie by donning cycling shorts and eating his lunch before using his lunchbox to give the effect! Max - Heavy End. Short of a finger after grabbing things he shouldn't.
Jan Partridge - Limber Wheel. The crew's own werewolf! The crowds gather when he takes his top off to watch as the wildlife escape from their portable nesting place. Never, ever seen in public without his hair gel applied. Les Gritton - Heavy End. This big lad hails from the N East. Don't be fooled by his mass - he is currently knitting a large quilt for charity to raise funds for the cat's home he helps out in at weekends.
Karl Davies - Back of the Box. A man who blames himself for everything that goes wrong - a popular member of the crew! Alex Cooper - Speedy Bullet. The speedy bullet with the smallest hamstrings in the crew. Likes to play with shells and zinc oxide tape, even when not on the track! Tends to leave his bottle at home.
Gaz Brien - Gun Wheel. One part of the umbilical ginger twins, until they get a tan we have are very own unstruck Swan Vesta matches. John McKenna - Gun Wheel and Crew Captain. This likeable badger has a ready wit, but tends to enter wars of wit with no ammo.
Andy Davies - Judge. This giant hails from the valleys across the border and likes to burst into operatic aria at the sight of a newly shaven sheep. Likes Truffles!
Chantelle and Angelina - Timekeepers. The first year for the girls who worked hard and performed spectacularly. They weren't bad with a stopwatch either. Big BZ. Tom Mouat - Photographer and Website.





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